Ulrik Gutkin - Biography

Ulrik Gutkin has been working in film and Television all his adult life. After his film and media studies at the Copenhagen University he started working in the television environment as documentary director, producer and editor. He has been employed by Kanal 2 and by DR TV (Danish Radio & Television) for more than 8 years. A couple of years ago he decided to work free-lance so that he could focus on realising independent documentary projects. His latest film Copenhagen Remix was shown on DR in 2006.
He is widely used as a director of factual programmes by DR and various film production companies.
He holds residency diplomas from the School of Journalism and the National Danish Film School.


2005: CPH.Remix . Director, On street art in Copenhagen. Financed by Danish Film Institute /DFI and DR2. Screened at festivals world-wide.
2004: Et glimt af min mormor/ a Glimpse of my Grandmother. Director. Part of the film Alderdom / Old Age. Financed by EGV. BG Foundation and DR2. Screened at CPH.Dox. Shown on DR TV, YLE and Israeli television.
2004-: Tanya & Tanya. Director. Work in progress. Researching in Murmansk, Russia. Script development financed by DFI.
2003: the Missionary. Director and cameraman. About a fanatic missionary in Zanzibar. Shown on DR2 and NRK
2003: Forbindelser/ Connections. Director and cameraman. Visual epic, shown at the Jewish film festival in Copenhagen.
2002: Backstages for En Kærlighedshistorie / Kira’s reason – a Love Story by Director Ole Chr. Madsen. Director & cameraman on backstages. DVD.
2001: Lars Svelle Olesen’s model. Director. A man and his fight to become understood. Shown on DR2.


Other film related productions

Doc on interrail w. Erlend Steen Thorvardson
Doc on the first wave of immigrants in Denmark
Backstages on Charlot and Charlotte (TV-serial by Ole Bornedal)
Novella video, roadmovie travelogue. Financed by DFI
Info video for KMD
Info video for ATP
Campaign programmes for TV
Director of youth and doc. programmes for television
Editorial assistant TV facts programmes
DV-camera shooting
Non-linear editing Avid/Destiny 601 / Media 100 / Edit and FCP Pro
Stills for trade magazines and papers
Internet – DR on-line
Sept. 2006