By Ulrik Gutkin

Cph Remix

A film about Street Art in Copenhagen. Financed by The Danish Filminstitute and Danish Broadcast Union DR 2, participated in festivals around the world and a winner of the Jury diploma price at Ukraine International Filmfestival. For further information please take a look on the trailer or visit the homepage of the film
The film is Co-directed with Runar Gudnason.

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The Missonary

A film about the danish missionary Egon Falk, who travels to the mainly muslim island Zanzibar. Making a crusade telling people about christianity. Standing on a huge stage with big loudspeakers Egon Falk believes in healing and liberation from demons. The film was financed by, and broadcasted on Danish Broadcast Union.

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Tanya og Tanya

A film about two russian-sami cousins, who lives in both the russian and sami culture in the area near Murmansk. They are trying to build a bridge between the two different cultures. The film is still in progress and is made in Co-operation with journalist Jesper With.

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A Glimpse of my Grandmother

A film about my 90 years old Grandmother. Financed by the Danish Broadcast Union and different foundations. Broadcasted on DR, YLE and shown on Cph Dox. The film is one out of seven films on old people (title ""As time goes by") from the MOMENT doc association. When released the film received a lot of attention in newspapers, radio and TV-programmes. According to DR-TV Sales International it has now received an unusual degree of interest on the international broadcast market.

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